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xXxOUR HISTORY...A Tale of Fortunate EventsxXx



Our Story!
    It all started one day one both our BIOLOGICAL parents met, fell and love, and well...u know the rest! It was the month of Januly when Jennifer SexsiBebe EuroGinaPrincess  and Megan Diesial LuciousGina Cowgurl (also known as Jenn and Megan) where born on the 10th of that month that happens every billion years!
     As they grew up there parents put them up for adoption, and SexsiBebe EuroGinaPrincess   and Diesial LuciousGina Cowgurl  where seperated. If you are already finding this story to depressing..I suggust you stop reading it! JUST STOP!
    As the years went on, they forgot about there true identities, and how they were sister. As they went to different schools and made different friends. Finally in the year 2004 where they attendid the same school, fate wasent so kind to bring them together the first semester, but gave them a chance in 2005! THis was only one chance they had, but there SUPER DUPER HOMIE POWERS united them!
   In Honor of their Unititedly they have made this gay site, for all you people who think...I wish I could make a site, but are to scared that it will suck...THIS IS FOR YOU! We took the stance against those cool sites and made this site...which is not so cool...But I hope you can look at this and meg and Jenn can look on it and say guezz...SO CAN I...or...SO CAN WE!!!
This version was written to you by the ONE and ONLY JEnn!:)


Here's a list of some of our favorite movies:

Megan:Wedding Crashers, The Island, Hitch, uhhh THe incrediables
Jenn:The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, The Island, Madagascar

Here's a list of some of our favorite music:

Jenn: Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, My Chemical Romance, System of a Down, GreenDay, Foo Fighters, Weezer
Megan: Silverstein
Taking Back Sunday
Senses Fail
As I lay Dying
Dashboard Confessional
Jimmy Eat World
My Chemical Romance