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1. Hilary Duff...She Can't Sing..She Can't Write Songs...She Can't Act...the only thing she is, is pretty...and cuz of that she is making Big Bucks...making gay albums that she makes millions of dollars off of, cuz lil girls (like my sister) beg to but the album just cuz she has Hilary Duff...or as lil kids know here as "Lizze McGuire"
    Just read theses lyrics from here latest song...
"There's people talking,
 They talk about me (I didn'y know that)
 They know my name (didn't know that either)
They think they know everything
But they don't know anything
About me" (Thats Deep)

Give me a dance floor
Give me a dj
Play me a record
Forget what they say
Cause I need to go
Need to getaway tonight What..ur So rich Now that u can Demand things...EVERYONE..STOP WAT UR DOING...Hilary Duff..wants 2 party wit her rich stuck up friends..."Give her a DJ", "Give Her a fuckin' dancefloor"

I put my makeup on a saturday night First of all u put ur makeup EVERY DAY..its in ur job description
I try and make it happen...Is she suddenly gagster?
Try to make it all right
I know I make mistakes WHO THE FUCK DOESN'T?
I'm living life day to day  No Shit! Shierlock!
It's never really easy but it's ok WTF....DO NOT complain about how shitty ur life is...u make like how much just 4 singing..which u cant..and for acting...which u cant...and ohh yeah I 4got u sel clothes and ZELLERS now...and shitty make up 2..that u can buy @ the dollarstore..but now its has ur fuckin face on it and suddently its not a dollar...WHOA!

Wake Up Wake Up
On a saturday night
Could be New York
Maybe Hollywood and Vine
London, Paris maybe Tokyo
There's something going on anywhere I go BOY..ur life dus suck...
Yeah, tonight
Basically..the rest of the song is gay 2...umm...yeah...
FOR ppl..who actually like this Hilary Duff's Gay & Pointless songs i wud reccomend u  DOWNLOAD the song/sons...and save ur money..cuz oneday u'll realize that I was rite...and i saved u $14.99
Just Look @ here shitty NEW ALBUM
1.Wake Up (U've Heard this song already...its gay)
2.The Getaway (4 sumodd reason I know this song)
3.Beat Of My Heart
4.Come Clean (Remix 2005) (Umm this song was already realesed...WTF..y wud u put a rmxon a NEW cd)
5.Mr. James Dean  (I'm guessing this song is bout that she want a guy thats like james dean??
6.So Yesterday WTF...again...isnt this song old?
7.Metamorphosis Was the Fuckin title of here 1st album..?
8.Rock This World (Remix 2005) Again..DOn't put fucking remixs on ur NEW cd
9.Break My Heart Sounds like a backstreets song
10.Fly Isn't this song on anothere cd 2?
kk...well this was really pissing me so I had 2 look up this songs...on this album...There are only like 2-3 new the songs..the rest r repeats..or remixes...SO shuden't she call this a "Greatest Hits Album"...which she cudent do cuz there ARE NO Great Hits...I'll Just shut up now cuz i'm confuzed!